CPX Payments

CPX Payments leverages a complete suite of traditional and transitional payment solutions to completely automate AP files.

Re-Engineering Payments

Today's payment environment is heavily reliant on the use of checks to pay A/P Suppliers.

Priority offers an integrated payables solution that can automate 100% of your AP file with multiple forms of electronic payments.

CPX 100% - Percentage Breakdown

Card Solutions

Virtual Card

A unique 16-digit number that is sent to a Supplier for processing just like a credit card. The payment notification will provide payment instructions on how to access the virtual account, provide the total amounts being paid, as well as contain key remittance information.

Physical Plastic

A single card solution to manage and control spending in the areas of Travel, Purchasing and Fuel transactions.

CPX Direct

An automated Virtual Card solution that requires no action on behalf of the Supplier. CPX processes the transaction and deposits the payment to the Suppliers account along with remittance notification.

ACH Solutions

Leveraging our ACH.com platform, we support a variety of ACH solutions including Standard ACH, Dynamic Discounting and Proprietary ACH (terms).

CPX Proxy Payments

CPX will service Suppliers that require website or telecom payment processing.

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